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World Heritage Cities

Located in the southeast of Andalusia, they are compared to Italian cities because they have a splendid monumental complex made up of 16th and 17th century Renaissance palaces and churches.

We have prepared three travel guides for you to get to know Úbeda and Baeza.

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Guides of Úbeda and Baeza

We have prepared three travel guides for you, depending on the time you have, you can do the route in 24, 48 or 72 hours

City plans

If you are going to travel to Úbeda and Baeza here we leave you the plans of the city so that you can move easily.

The Province of Jaén

Úbeda and Baeza are the perfect starting point to get around and get to know some of the towns in the province of Jaén.


The climate of Úbeda and Baeza stands out for having very extreme temperatures, plan your trip well by checking the weather.

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Some of the festivities of Úbeda and Baeza are declared of Tourist Interest, know what dates they take place so you don't miss any of them.

Tourism offices


Address: Calle Baja del Marqués, s / n and Plaza de Andalucía, 5
Phones: 953779204, 953779205 / 953769450. Ext. 1148, 1151, 1152


Address: Plaza del Pópulo, s / n
Phones: 953779982, 600140682