Photography Antonio Pérez

Plan your trip
checking the weather

The climate of Úbeda and Baeza stands out for having very extreme temperatures, since both cities are located on hills located at 750 meters of altitude.

Therefore, it is essential that you know the time in which you travel, so that you take the most appropriate clothing and thus better plan your stay.

Summer in Úbeda and Baeza

In summer, temperatures are high during the day and at night, although early in the morning it tends to cool. Therefore, if you are cold, we recommend that you bring something warm.

During the day you will be hot, therefore, it is best if you make the visits first thing in the morning, although there is also the option of making night visits. If you are going to be there for several days you can take advantage of some morning to go to the pool. Both Úbeda and Baeza have municipal swimming pools, which are open to the public.

Spring and autumn in Úbeda and Baeza

During spring and autumn, temperatures are very mild. However, it is advisable that you take something warm, since in the morning and at night the temperatures drop. Although springs and autumns are very short, since they pass between the months of March and April, and September and October, respectively, they are usually the best times to visit these two cities, since the temperatures are not very high.

Winter in Úbeda and Baeza

Winters are usually cold and dry, the average temperature is around 5ºC, there may be the possibility of snow, although it is not usually frequent. In winter it is the time when it rains the most, but it is not usually abundant.

The weather forecast in Úbeda and Baeza