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Alfar Alfonso Gongora


Alfar Alfonso Góngora has the experience and good work provided by six generations of pottery. In his workshop, you can see the typical processes of traditional Ubetense pottery, which have been enriched with other techniques until reaching excellence with the most contemporary techniques of ceramics, adding materials such as stoneware and porcelain and techniques such as the crystallization of zinc that makes Alfar Alfonso Góngora the most dynamic workshop within Ubeta ceramics.

Web: www.alfaralfonsogongora.com
mail: alfareriagongora.alfonso@gmail.com
facebook: @alfaralfonsogongora
instagram: @alfaralfonsogongora

Galería de Imágenes


Calle de Valencia, 2, 23400 Úbeda, Jaén
646 94 01 41