Úbeda y Baeza Turismo PATRIMONIO MUNDIAL

Olivar y Aceite Interpretation Center


The Úbeda Olive and Oil Interpretation Center was created due to the passion we have for the world of olive oil and the need to promote the star product of the Province of Jaén. Therefore, its main objective is to disseminate the Culture of the Olive Grove and Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all its breadth. The effort and the good work of our farmers who contribute the wisdom learned during centuries of history, guarantee the quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of our region.

This space offers an experience to the visitor around EVOO and its culture with different activities such as:

· Visit to the museum: Inside this Center there is a Museum dedicated to the history and evolution of olive groves. The visitor can find a circuit through different areas where they can learn about the production process, from the olive tree to the winery, contemplating each of the pieces of the time, viewing during the journey some audiovisual panels explaining the history, production of the oil, the types of oil, varieties of olives, gastronomy, uses of oil and health benefits.

· Tasting Workshops: On a daily basis, visitors will be able to carry out workshops guided by professionals where they can discover this world of sensations and learn in depth the positive attributes of Virgin Olive Oil.

· The center has a specialized shop with the best extra virgin olive oils in the province, along with typical gastronomy, cosmetic and handicraft products.

· In addition, other oleotouristic activities are carried out, such as Visits to Oil mills or Walks among Olive Trees, Courses and conferences, Showcookings and Cooking and Cosmetics Workshops, and a multitude of other activities.

Price of admission:

Individual ticket: € 2.80 (children under 12 free)
Entrance for groups> 20pax: € 2.00

Web: centrodeolivaryaceite.com
Mail: info@centrodeolivaryaceite.com
Facebook: @OlivaryAceiteCentroDeInterpretacion
Instagram: @olivaryaceite
Twitter: @olivaryaceite

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