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Iglesia San Lorenzo – Open for renovations


800 years of history, unique views of the Guadalquivir Valley and a fascinating balcony to the historic center of Úbeda. That is the church of San Lorenzo, open for works, one of the buildings with the most history in Úbeda. Raised on the Almohad wall, the Church of San Lorenzo will welcome you with its crypts, its walkway and the bell tower on its belfry.
In San Lorenzo you can explore the nave, the sacristy and the ante-church, and inside the church we will find wall paintings. In addition, if you look up, you will discover the roof of the alfarje that covers the structure of the sotocoro. It is from the Mudejar period!

Did you know that the Church of San Lorenzo has been closed for almost a century? It is currently undergoing a rehabilitation period, and archaeological work is even being carried out. From Romanesque to Baroque, this historic temple preserves the heritage of different cultures and styles in every corner.

After visiting the crypts, you will return to the main floor to go outside. Next to the Church of San Lorenzo you will find the viewpoint adarve, from which you will look out over the emblematic hills of Úbeda. From the wall you will have a unique panoramic view of the Guadalquivir Valley, a typically Andalusian landscape framed by orchards and white farmhouses.

And if you look further, you will even see the Cazorla and Segura mountains. And even, on clear days, the Sierra Nevada. And if you think the landscape was idyllic enough, wait to see how the evening lights tint the domes and towers of Úbeda’s old town golden that you can contemplate ascending to its belfry.

The “Open for works” spirit permeates all the actions carried out by the Huerta de San Antonio Foundation, the entity responsible for its maintenance and use. It represents their commitment to keep the doors of the Church of San Lorenzo open to the public. Share with her both the knowledge and the enjoyment generated by the rehabilitation of an asset that she considers to be universal heritage.

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