Úbeda y Baeza Turismo PATRIMONIO MUNDIAL

Misa de 12


Misa de 12 is not a typical restaurant (with all its comforts), it is a tavern with very few square meters where with a bit of luck you can find a stool and a small space to support your food.

Small, relatively uncomfortable, but it is a must in Úbeda for its surroundings, for its audience, for its music, because only Iberian acorn-fed pigs, old Asturian cows enter the Mass of 12, the cheese is one of the best in the Basque Country, And if that wasn’t enough, we allow ourselves the luxury of drinking top quality wines.

If you want to have dinner there are many places, if you want to have a good time. Come to Mass from 12.

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Plaza 1 de Mayo esquina Calle Montiel. 23400 Úbeda