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Artificis is the pioneer company in tourist services in the province of Jaén, since 1994 it offers the highest quality in all its work areas.

– Tourist Services: Taking advantage of the demand and local heritage resources, an offer of services has been created for visitors, ranging from a guided visit to the Renaissance cities of Úbeda and Baeza, to other cities such as Jaén, Baños de la Encina, Alcalá La Real, to the “Ruta del Aceite”, to the Natural Parks of the province, to herds of Toros Bravos, to visits to artisan workshops, to all kinds of complementary activities for Congresses and Incentives, etc …

On a temporary basis, Artificis organizes and participates in various complementary cultural initiatives such as conferences, gymkhanas, competitions, evening visits, Renaissance dinners, Spanish music concerts, flamenco shows, theatrical animation, etc. for groups or special events.

Since the spring of 2001, we have started the “Renaissance Tourist Train”. Initiative that receives a very positive reception among visitors to the city and especially among the little ones. The main objective is to offer, in an entertaining way, tourist and cultural information through the explanations that a guide, from the train itself, gives to passengers during the tour of the city of Úbeda.

One activity that has focused our efforts is what we have called Heritage Didactics. Activities and didactic materials have been created aimed at children and the educational group where it has been sought, through play and participation, to sensitize children to knowledge, appreciation and respect for cultural and monumental heritage. “Live the Renaissance” is a project that in an interactive, dynamic and participatory way, aims to introduce boys and girls to the Renaissance with the help of a team of monitors and through different activities, where you can discover the splendor of this era, how society was organized, some of its great inventions, its architecture, and how everything is reflected in the city of Úbeda.

Since February 1999 our field of action has been expanded with the Management of Cultural Heritage. We were the pioneer private company in the Province of Jaén, in heritage management, thanks to the existing agreement with the Casa Ducal de Medinaceli in relation to the Sacred Chapel of El Salvador de Úbeda. Currently Artificis is in charge of managing the Synagogue of Water, a new space where you can discover the Sephardic culture, which in Úbeda acquires a relevant presence in a magical space full of charm.

Currently the agreement for the management of the Synagogue of Water is giving visitors the possibility of knowing the interior of this important space in an organized way and with clear opening days and hours. Guided tours are offered approximately every 45 minutes for anyone who visits it individually, as well as, upon reservation, visits are made inside for organized groups outside the established hours, with qualified personnel who carry out visits adapted to different ages and Languages. The aim is that all visitors not only enjoy what they see, but also know the most relevant facts about its meaning, the characters linked to this magical and unique space.

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