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We are a family business with a great olive tradition. Parents, children and now grandchildren dedicated to seeing olive trees grow and care with care and care. Since we were little, my husband Juan and I (María) have grown up among olive trees and we have great affection for this land and our landscape, this aptly called “sea of ??olive trees”. Now with our daily work we try to transmit this to our children Pedro Luis, Elena and Juan.

Currently, we are dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and the elaboration of an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality.

In our company we integrate all the necessary processes to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of unbeatable quality:

– Careful cultivation of the olive tree (adequate pruning, treatments and pest control with products that respect the environment, irrigation …).
– Harvesting the olives at their optimum moment of maturity and transporting them to the oil mill in the shortest time and in the best conditions.
– Careful grinding of the olives in the oil mill to obtain the best extra virgin oil under the most suitable conditions that allow the oil to preserve all the aromas and flavors of fresh olives and all the healthy properties (polyphenols, vitamins …).
– Storage and careful packaging of the oil obtained.
– Direct marketing. FROM THE FIELD TO YOUR TABLE!

We also offer various services for those who visit us:

– WALK AMONG OLIVE TREES. We will be happy to accompany you during your stay in our farmhouse through our olive groves, appreciating the flora and fauna associated with the cultivation of the olive tree. You will be able to know some of the olive tree varieties present on the farm, the use and exploitation of the soil and the cultivation tasks that are being carried out depending on the time of year.

– VISIT TO THE ALMAZARA. In the same farm where the farmhouse is located, the oil mill where we make our extra virgin olive oil is located, solely and exclusively with the olives harvested from our olive trees. We will explain the whole process of obtaining the authentic olive juice. You will know what happens in an oil mill from when the olive enters it, until the oil is in the bottle.

– TASTING OF OIL. You can attend a practical class, with a tasting expert, to learn about the different categories of olive oil that we can find in the market. Recognition of positive and negative attributes in olive oil. There is also the possibility of attending an applied tasting consisting of the preparation and tasting of typical products of the area, made with our extra virgin olive oil (oil cakes, ochios, muffins, rags, pipirrana, salmorejo …). For this it is necessary to hire the kitchen service for breakfast and / or the main meal.

Guided visit to the olive grove and the oil mill.

· A nice walk through our olive grove where we will talk about the different varieties, cultivation techniques, work carried out in the field and the how and why of organic farming. And of course, while we enjoy the wonderful and unique landscape, we will answer all the questions and concerns you have about this ancient and curious tree.

· Guided visit to the oil mill to learn how the authentic olive juice is obtained. The whole process from when the olive enters the oil mill until the oil is in the cellar.

· Hedonistic tasting: You can taste our oils and compare them. We will teach you how to appreciate the olfactory, gustatory, tactile and retronasal sensations that are experienced when trying an Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Finally we will try a tapa paired with our oil.

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